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 Cultivation dream question: I dreamed that the Dragon King of the Sea gave me advice

   date:2021-11-06 14:37:46     read:39   

Cultivation dream question: I dreamed that the Dragon King of the Sea gave me advice



Cultivation is a gradual process. The higher the level of cultivation, the more magical things you encounter Zhuge Changqing

Cultivation is a gradual process.

The higher the level of cultivation, the more magical things you encounter.

Zhuge Changqing suggested that no matter what magical things you encounter, you should keep your heart clean, not be persistent, not delusional, as if not moving.

As Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha said in the Vajra Sutra, "All actions are like dreams, bubbles and shadows, as well as dew and electricity.".

If you have a dream, Zhuge Changqing suggests that no matter what dream you have, please come back.

In addition, we should continue to practice hard, gradually achieve meditation skills, and learn to observe the meaning of things we encounter.

"Dudu", a lover of traditional Chinese culture, is very impressed by her continuous efforts to feed.

Today, the Chinese traditional culture enthusiast, "Dudu", encountered an induction in his practice, which has inspired all practitioners.

She left a message and asked:


Hello, Mr. Zhuge Changqing!

I like traditional Chinese culture and am a Buddhist disciple at home.

A few years ago, I saw your microblog about giving food on the Internet. I was very inspired. I've been doing it all these years, but I haven't done it every day. During this period, I encountered numerous inductive events, and I was very confused about one question. I want to ask the teacher to tell me.

Last year, in a dream, a python (or dragon) flying out of the sea became a man, and he used his forefinger to point at my Yintang and said:

It's time to restore your identity as the Lady in White!

Then in my dream, I changed into an old man in white. In the same dream, I had two dreams in one night. The first time I didn't change my body, and the second time I became an old man to talk to me. If you can see it, please show mercy to the disciples.

Zhuge Changqing:

amitabha. Blessing is boundless.

This dream is very good. It is a spiritual induction dream.

1. The Dragon King appearing in the sea is the South China Sea Dragon King. You are predestined because you continue to make progress, gradually improve your cultivation level, and mature opportunities to give you advice.

2. You have been a part of so and so Bodhisattva for so many generations, so he called you the Lady in White, reminding you to remember to promote the law and benefit the people.

3. Keep your mind clean, do not climb, do not persist, continue to practice hard, and continue to feed, which will make a great leap. Remember the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha's Vajra Sutra, which says that all actions are like illusions, bubbles and shadows, as well as dew and electricity.

Very good, continue to work hard to learn traditional Chinese culture, continue to promote law and benefit life, come on.

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Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

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