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 Liu Zhenyu blows up foxes and fights snakes in three generations of bad karma

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:14     read:43   

Liu Zhenyu blows up foxes and fights snakes in three generations of bad karma


Liu Zhenyu, born in 1929, was a native of Wangfu Gou Village in Jianping County, Liaoning Province. He was known locally as a smart and capable man who could speak well. He could afford to do all kinds of work in the countryside and could put it down. He was also good at killing pigs and chickens during the New Year holidays. He was introduced to Xie Suqin by enthusiastic villagers, who was kind and wise. After the marriage, he had a lovely little daughter, and his life was prosperous and tasty.

  When his little daughter was three years old, Liu Zhenyu found a black fox while herding sheep in the mountains and was so happy that he thought his luck had come. The next day he found dynamite and put it in the hole to blow it up (the fox was picked up by someone else). Later that night, her daughter choked to death on the spot as her mother was giving her medicine for a cold she was suffering from. Her mother was distraught and complained that Liu Zhenyu had killed her daughter by blowing up the black fox. From then on, the family was plagued by misfortune, and fights were a daily occurrence.

  In 1980, with the help of friends and relatives, the family moved to the Dawa County Advance State Farm Shangfang Brigade. The terrain was flat and rice was grown here, so life was much better than back home in every way. The family was full of hope that they would be able to live a good life.

  In the summer of 1985, when Liu Zhenyu was watering the rice fields, he found a green snake over a metre long. According to the locals, the snake had been living in the local gutter for many years and no one dared to fight it; today, Liu Zhenyu ran into it, so he was able to shovel it into several pieces on the spot. When the villagers heard about it and went to see what was going on, the snake was gone. Everyone found it strange and thought he would be unlucky. Liu Zhenyu, however, said that he had come through a big storm and a small river ditch could still capsize; he had completely forgotten the painful lesson of blowing up a fox and losing his daughter.

  In the winter, a horse in the village broke its leg and had to be killed for meat. Because Liu Zhenyu was bold and dared to kill, he was the one to do it. After the horse was killed, just as he was pulling the horse's leg to skin it, his foot slipped and his crotch fell off. Since then, he has been paralysed in bed and has lost his ability to work.

  In August '86 (Liu Zhenyu was 57), he drank a pesticide that had been prepared for him. After taking the poison, he joked with his second son, saying, "Dad is leaving, let's shake hands; because he usually scares his family by drinking the pesticide to kill himself, no one believed him for a long time. When his family found out that he had taken poison, it was too late and he died soon afterwards. 

  His wife, Xie Suqin, was born in March 1936 in the village of Huojiadi in his hometown. After the family moved to Dawa County, she suddenly developed hiccups. Whenever she ate, she had to drink several mouthfuls of water for every mouthful of rice, so she had to drink a basin of water for one meal, which was sometimes not enough. It takes a long time to finish the meal. I could eat slowly at home, but when I visited friends and relatives, it became difficult for them to cut up the food. After a long time, the fear of eating has developed, which is really unbearable. I have sought medical help everywhere, but no one has been able to help me. Even when I asked the gods for help, I did not see any improvement. He died in 1995 (Xie Suqin was 59). In the later stages of the disease, she could not swallow water or food. It was a life worse than death. He had worked hard all his life and had not enjoyed a single day of happiness.

  His eldest son, Liu Jinlong, was born in 1956. He is not only a talented man, but also a good speaker. There was no one in the neighbourhood who did not admire him. When he joined the army at the age of 18, he was already 1.80 metres tall and received a good education and training as a clerk in the army. He joined the party in his second year of service and became a squad leader, a typical example for the army. When the leaders were ready to promote him, for some reason, he drank 100 sleeping pills, and the leaders saw that the impact was bad, so they had to tell him to demobilize and go home. The leader saw the bad influence and had to tell him to demobilise and go home. Thus, his promising career was cut short. The leader saw the impact and told him to go home.

  He was elected as a reserve cadre by the village within two years of his arrival. Later, the village knew that he was very talented and had a strong work ability, so they discussed with the village to transfer him to work in the village. At this time, he took up the habit of playing strong painkillers (stimulants). When the village saw him like this, they dared not use him, and his job in the village government was a bust.

  After a few years, his family was destitute. When his addiction to drugs and alcohol got the better of him, he had to go out on credit, but after a long time he couldn't pay his debts, so no one else was crediting him. In the future, when the pharmacist saw him coming from a long way away, he dared to close the door tightly, and if he stepped into the door late, he could not close it again (because of its great strength). He was so insistent that he had to take credit again. The only small hotel in the village was also closed down by his drink.

  The family relies on his wife Yin Xiuying (the author's sister) alone for the nearly 30 mu of rice fields they have contracted. When Liu Jinlong used his car to pull the rice seedlings (the family had no livestock), the director had to ride his bicycle and watch behind him.

  In terms of guts, Liu Jinlong was more than a match for the blue. One autumn, the village sent him to watch the land (for fear that someone would steal the grain). Late one night, a headless corpse blocked the way. He was scared to death, but he picked up a sharp knife and stabbed the ghost, which scared him away.

  The family could do nothing more for him and thought he must be suffering from some evil disease. His mother, Xie Suqin, went to the home of a relative who was a great dancer to exorcise him. Strangely enough, Liu Jinlong, who was sleeping at home, suddenly became irritable and shouted: Who dares to jump around on my head, see how I clean you up; the gods were so frightened that they fainted, and the mother and her family panicked, shouting and calling the gods before they came up with this breath. Said: "I really can't help it, please ask another high level". 

  Later, he met an incense-bearing man who saw people and heard that he was very spiritual. His wife Yin Xiuying then went to see the incense, not long after the incense owner was possessed by the fox fairy, sorrowful, crying very sad, said to Yin Xiuying: I and your father-in-law (Liu Zhenyu) fried the black fox is a couple. He told to tell me to be a widow at thirty-three, I also told you to be a widow at thirty-three, and to ask his eldest son to pay for his life in every generation. No matter how hard they tried to persuade him, it was to no avail.

  When Yin Xiuying saw that she could no longer live, she had no choice but to take her children back to her mother's home and settle in Shuangfeng village in Jianping County with the help of her parents. Liu Jinlong was determined to change his ways and get on with his life. After a few years, his life improved again and he built three new houses. However, his old illness returned and his bad habits started again. He started to take pills in secret and drink alcohol again. In order not to let his family know, he took the wine to the mountains and drank it, and took the medicine to the mountains and stabbed it himself (his veins were festering at the eye of the needle, and his whole body was blue).

  In August 89 (Liu Jinlong was 34 years old), one day he went up to the mountains to herd sheep and sang sadly on the hillside all day, then drank pesticides at night. Immediately after taking the poison, he regretted it and asked his family to take him to the hospital in a horse-drawn carriage. The day he died was the third anniversary of his father, Liu Zhenyu, and Yin Xiuying was just 33 years old.

  His third son, Liu Jinshan; born in 1964. He liked to gamble and used to burn incense and worship the Goddess of Mercy before gambling, and was of course very happy when he won. One night he lost so much that he got angry and came back and hit the Bodhisattva in the mouth. The next day her mother's face was swollen like a loaf of bread.

  As her mother was often possessed by the fox fairy. According to his mother herself: whenever the fox fairy came, it came to her neck first and had a hard packet, and when it was uncomfortable, she asked her daughter-in-law to pinch it for her. Sometimes her predictions came true. The third son, Liu Jinshan, did not believe in this, and one day, in order to test his mother to see if she had a fairy, he chased her mother with a knife. Later, Liu Jinshan quarrelled with someone over a trivial matter, so he drank a large number of pills. To this day, he is still homeless, jobless and alone.

  His eldest grandson, Liu Yuetong (Liu Jinlong's eldest son), is 27 years old and grew up to be very intelligent and obedient. When he was five years old, he went to Jianping County Hospital for an operation on his tonsils, but the scalpel cut into his artery and blood spurted out. The hospital had to redeploy the surgeons to organise the rescue, and it took from 1pm to 7pm to get out of danger. The next day, the emergency was repeated, as a cotton ball was inserted into the artery in a panic attempt to stop the bleeding. It was a minor operation that almost cost her life. As he grew up, his mother wanted her son to become a doctor and asked him to study Chinese medicine. After graduating, he opened a clinic in the village, and the number of people who saw him and took medicine was really high, so business was booming. However, at the end of every year, he did not make any money, and the reason for this was that he was confused when it came to accounting, and either under-counted or forgot to count, and then even his books went missing. After a few years, not only did he not make any money, but he also lost all his family's income from farming, so he had to close his business. He slowly became addicted to drinking, getting drunk every day, often in secret, and not even recognising his family afterwards. His mother, friends and relatives tried to persuade him to stop drinking, but to no avail.

  At the age of 19, his mother reprimanded him and he took a lot of medicine after drinking. He was found in time so that his life was not in danger. Later, when drunk, he was often possessed by ghosts of the unjustly dead. He always saw his deceased relatives and people who died horizontally. Sometimes accompanied by the sound of "bang, bang, bang" (the sound of his grandfather Liu Zhenyu's explosion when he blew up a fox). He also hit himself on the head with bottles and bricks, often breaking his head and bleeding. After the marriage, there was a little girl, well behaved and lovely. He also loved and adored her very much. However, when he drank too much he tried to strangle the child and said: "This child is not his own, I let you guys do this to my child, I will strangle your child too". So, when they saw him drunk family members especially had to watch the child. Not only that, while the family was not paying attention to burn down the new house, when the bedding had been set on fire. The family found him just in time and a few people held him down before the incident was settled. His mother, Yin Xiuying, taught him the hard way, telling him to learn his father's strengths and not his weaknesses. Once, after drinking, he shovelled his father's grave with a spade. He was later reprimanded by his mother, but after sobering up, he knew he was wrong, and his filial piety was so touching that he filled the grave up again with a handful of soil.

  In May 2006, he smashed a Buddha statue with his fist after drinking, and in September 2006, he was knocked down by 380 volts of electricity while working abroad. When he was hospitalized, he could not bend his fingers and wrists back. The blood vessels were blocked and the drip could not pass the medicine. The examination became vasculitis and the hospital had to tell him to go home to rest and recuperate.

  When the author saw him, he saw that the two large blood vessels in his arms were stiffer than large tendons. He was then taught to repent at Buddha and to confess to the fox fairy, the green snake and the things he had killed (it is common to kill chickens, ducks and dogs in the countryside and to snare mountain rabbits), asking them to forgive him. He also made a vow to write out the present retribution for killing so that people would be warned not to repeat the same mistake. That very night he dreamed of his grandfather's snake fight. The next day one of the blood vessels had softened and returned to normal. It was incredible!

  Liu Yue Li (Liu Jin Long's second son), now twenty-six years old; was even more plagued with disasters as a child. He was often given injections and medication, but he often stopped breathing and died without realising it. The family was often overwhelmed by his fears. When he was three years old, he was admitted to the hospital with a fever and soon after the infusion, he was not breathing, and when the doctors failed to save him, they had to withdraw the oxygen and told his family to make arrangements for his death. When the family was ready to pull him home, he came back to life. The doctor was baffled at the time and didn't know what was going on. When he was seven years old, his grandfather took him with him to work in the fields, and he suddenly collapsed on the ground while playing. This time, Grandpa was terrified that he was really dead. When he arrived home, he was worried about how he would tell his daughter, but he woke up again and had a false alarm. In the future, he would not dare to be careless with him. Yin Xiuying, the mother of the two children, had worked so hard for them that she could not cry!  








  妻子谢素芹,1936年3月出生于本乡火家地村。 家搬到大洼县后,她突然得了打嗝之病。平时没有大的防碍,每到吃饭时,总是连续打嗝,饭菜不能咽,没办法只好用水冲下,每吃一口饭要喝好几口水,一顿饭下来要喝一盆水,有时还不够。还要很长时间才能吃完。自己在家还可以慢慢的吃,如遇走亲访友,来人切去便成了难事。久之,对吃饭产生了恐惧心理,真是苦不堪言。四处求医,良药偏方,均无效果。求仙问神,也未见好转。后在医院检查出已是食道癌晚期。1995年去世(谢素芹59岁)。得病后期,水、饭均不能下咽。真是生不如死。劳苦一生,没有享一天福。











  因其母亲常常有被狐仙附体的情况。据他母亲自己说:每当狐仙来时,便先到她脖子上,并且有一个硬包,难受时就叫儿媳替她掐住。有时她预测的事还很灵验。 三子刘金山不信有此事,一天为发试一试母亲是否有仙,便拿刀追杀其母,其母不知详情,急忙跳窗而出,胯墙如平地,在雪地健步如飞,三子刘金山怎么也追不上,才相信确实有其事。后来刘金山因一点小事和别人吵架,于是喝了大量药片,当时抢救及时,才脱离生命危险。直到现在仍无家、无业,独身一人。






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