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 Why do you get sick? A cautionary tale of sickness from the mouth

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:47     read:50   


A cautionary tale of disease entering through the mouth






The animal's heart is not knowing what it wants to eat.

  The kitchen has been turned into a slaughterhouse, the stomachs are cut open and knifed.

  Frying, frying, frying, frying, frying, frying.

  Your consciousness is in your body, sooner or later you will have to give back your life.

  Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, so don't wait for illness to enter your mouth.

  Soon you will be filled with evil, and you will be hospitalized.

  The kitchen is a recreation of the scene.

  If I'd known I was going to hell today, I wouldn't have been too greedy in the first place.

The Golden Rooster

  A farmer named Zhang was suffering from lung cancer and was told by both hospitals that he would not be treated. One of his relatives knew that I was studying Buddhism at home, so he brought his wife to my home to seek help from the Buddha. It so happened that Old Monk Miao Fa happened to be here, so they pleaded with the Master for compassionate help.

  He asked, "The patient has killed too much, especially chickens, right?"

  The wife replied, "Yes, my husband likes to fry and fry, and he cooks for all the village celebrations and funerals. He dislikes the fact that other people are not good at killing chickens, so he does it all himself. Every time he does something, he has to kill dozens of them, and the blood stains the ditch by the road."

  Old Monk Myoho asked, "Have you ever killed a big rooster in someone's house secretly? This chicken had golden-yellow hair on its neck, maroon hair on its body, and dark green, shining feathers on its tail. It stood with its head more than half a metre high and was very majestic to look at."

  The wife was so shocked that she fell to her knees and kowtowed, "Oh, old Bodhisattva! How could we have known that killing a chicken was a sin? During the year of famine, we had no food or water, and we were hungry every day. The Buddha saw it all. I would never dare to take advantage of others again. In the years of famine, we ate all the fodder from the team and even stole crops from the fields. Let me die in his place! ......"

  She cried as she chanted, moving me to tears as well. I didn't expect this woman to have such a high degree of intelligence, really a little bit of understanding, simple language, sincere husband and wife feelings is really rare. I hurriedly helped her up and asked her to listen to the enlightenment of Srila Prabhupada Myoho.

  The Master was also a bit agitated and spoke in a slightly shaky voice: "What you just cried out is true repentance. Go back and ask your husband to repent properly too, and never kill again in the future. Go to the monastery and ask for a copy of the Earth Store Sutra, recite it forty-nine times for the chickens your husband killed and return it to them, preferably so that your husband can recite the Earth Store Sutra himself. Regarding the chicken that was killed secretly, it is the king of chickens. Is it true that after killing that chicken your husband had a headache?"

  The chapter wife thought for a moment and affirmed, "Yes, yes. It was really then that he began to have headaches, two days good, two days bad, and no medicine would help."

  "The chicken was always standing on your husband's head, and its two claws would scratch into his scalp from time to time, and sometimes it would chatter at your husband's head with its beak. Give this rooster a tablet in the monastery you also recite the Earth Store Sutra for it, and with the help of the monks to help you overtake it, it may be reborn in heaven and become a phoenix."

  "Master, we can't read much, what if we can't read it down?"

  "Reciting the sutra is what saved your husband's life and will do you a lot of good, you can look up the words you don't know in the dictionary or ask someone. If you don't know how to read, you can pay someone to do it, but it's not as good as reading it yourself, the merit is all yours. The most important thing to note is that during the period of the supercession, you should cut out all meat, all meat, onions, garlic, leeks, wine and cigarettes, it is best to quit. This is because if you recite the sutra with a fishy mouth, there will be no celestial beings, ghosts, gods and other congregations to listen to it, and sentient beings cannot benefit. It is also disrespectful to the Dharma. What merit do you have left? If the chicken is not supernaturally removed, your husband's illness will not be cured. If you can keep the precepts, the Buddha and Bodhisattvas will certainly ennoble you."

  The chapter wife asked again, "My husband is now reported to be critically ill and could die at any moment, is it too late to recite the sutra?"

  Old Monk Shafa replied, "If your husband had not killed so many chickens, he would not have lived to the end of his life. Because of your heartfelt repentance just now, there has been a change of heart. Sincere repentance can remove the power of sin. If your husband can also sincerely repent and recite the sutras and Buddhism, he will definitely turn his life around, so hold on tight."

  When Zhang's wife returned to the hospital, she found that her husband was miraculously sitting up in bed. He had just spat up two and a half barrels of white spit in one go, and his chest was no longer suffocating, which was the first time he had spat up on his own since he had been seriously ill! The wife was so excited that she whispered to her husband about the coincidental encounter with the monk Myoho, and he was surprised and delighted. The next day they decided to leave the hospital and go home, saying to the hospital, "There's nothing you can do about it anyway!"

  Not long afterwards, the lung cancer patient, who was supposed to be dying, miraculously appeared at the front door of his house and repaired his bicycle, attracting many people from the village to look around and ask questions. When the house leaked in the rain, he climbed up to fix the leak, much to the villagers' amazement.

   炖肉煎鱼为解馋,   不知动物心不甘。
  厨房变成屠宰场,   开膛破腹上刀山。
  煎炒烹炸诸刑罚,   生吞活嚼是美餐。
  神识寄住你身上,   迟早要你把命还。
  善恶到头终有报,   病从口入莫等闲。
  时日不久恶盈满,   疾病缠身进医院。
  破腹开膛下刀剪,   全是厨房景再现。
  早知今日下地狱,   何必当初嘴太馋。


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