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 Questions on the practice of penance: Can I kowtow to photos of the living world?

   date:2021-09-25 10:50:54     read:37   


Questions on the practice of penance: Can I kowtow to photos of the living world?


Questions on the practice of penance: Can I kowtow to photos of the living world?


The practice of penance, to follow the right path as it should be.

...... Zhuge Changqing

The first thing you need to do is to take the right path.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Recently, a question was raised by a student of traditional Chinese culture, "Hanging pots to help the world", about photos of living people kowtowing. Zhuge Changqing shares the question and answer with those who are interested.

The question was left on Zhuge Changqing's WeChat public number by "Hanging Kettle Ji Shi".

Can I hang up a photo of a living person and burn incense and kowtow to this photo in order to repent for the person's wrongdoers and possessed beings? I think that I may owe many things to this person from my past life! Now I am ready to give this person repentance. I wonder if it is okay to burn incense and kowtow to repent in this way? Will this be a loss of life for this person?

Zhuge Changqing answers.

Amitabha Buddha. The Buddha of Immeasurable Blessings.

1. Photos of living people should not be offered to burn incense and kowtow (unless the other person is a senior monk, a great virtuous person who has really done good deeds, or a practitioner who has really promoted the Dharma and benefited life). If the other person is an ordinary person, you will be giving him/her a life expectancy if you offer him/her a photo of yourself burning incense and kowtowing. This is because ordinary people do not have the merit to bear such a burden. Zhuge Changqing advises: you can intend that this person is in front of you, and you can just kneel down to him.

2. You should decide carefully to do penance in place of someone other than a family member. The reason is that if you do penance on behalf of someone else, the omen is that you will need to help that person overtake their unjust relatives, their tired clansmen, etc.

3. If you are determined to do penance on behalf of the person, you should inform the deity and the other person's unjust relatives and relatives of the deceased, etc.

Zhuge Changqing suggests that you can do this by reciting the Buddha's Daoist name into the void and then saying: "I, so-and-so, have made a vow of repentance. From today onwards, while repenting of my own sins, I have decided to repent on behalf of so-and-so in so-and-so city, so-and-so province, South Almain, and I am willing to overtake his unjust relatives, possessed beings, sentient beings, relatives of the deceased, aborted babies, orphaned spirits, etc. I hereby state this. (Say this 10 times in a row into the void, 1 time per day. (Say this for 20 days in a row)

3. You can repent of the harm you have done to him in this life.

4. Repent on his behalf to his unjust relatives, possessed beings, sentient beings, relatives of his ancestors, aborted babies, orphan spirits, etc.

5. You can return the merits of food giving to the other person. Zhuge Changqing reminds us that we should first return to ourselves and our families, and then to each other. You can give back to yourself, your family members and each other: all the wronged relatives, possessed beings, sentient beings, ancestors, aborted babies, orphaned spirits, etc. to be free from suffering and to be reborn immediately. Return to eliminate the sinful karma of yourself and your family, eliminate the sinful karma of your repeated lifetimes of hurting so-and-so, and eliminate the accumulated karmic obstacles of you and so-and-so.

This will do.

Don't do any evil and practice all good deeds.

Zhuge Changqing, I wish you success.




















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