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 How do I release a baby? Life Release Rituals

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:11     read:93   


How do I release a baby? Life Release Rituals






 东方巨龙 天下驰骋


Many of you, like to release life, but do not know how to do so, here is a special release ritual written for you to perform against.


   How to buy?

   It is best to buy turtles, fish, birds and snakes at the market or supermarket that are about to be bought by others for release (do not ask people to catch them for you individually or book them for release, as this will not be effective). Release them to a place where they are not normally caught by others. Depending on your financial means, it is best to do this every month, then the rewards will be great and immediate and you will admire the magical effect of the release!


    Specific procedures.

    1, the face of what will be released first communication: silently recite "I am ***, born * year * month * day, where is the origin, where is now, today I come to release", three times.

    2. Recite the repentance verse: "All the evil karmas created in the past are caused by beginningless greed and anger, and arise from the body, speech and mind. Recite it three times.

    3. Then recite the three conversions: "Convert to the Buddha, convert to the Dharma, and convert to the Sangha. Converting to the Buddha does not lead to hell, converting to the Dharma does not lead to the hungry ghosts, and converting to the Sangha does not lead to the animals." Recite this three times.

     4. Then recite "Namo Amitabha" (as many times as you like, the pronunciation of Namo is na ma). Imagine the Buddha's light shining above you and the animal and let it go.

     5. Then say ---- "I would like to send my merits back to the world of bliss for all sentient beings", three times.


    After the end, if you have time to be present, recite Namo Amitabha Buddha for a while longer (30-60 minutes), and hope in your heart that the released things, not to be harmed, within half an hour, you will find that the released things will have a magical reflection, and will usually look back at you, fondly leave .......


    If the released thing doesn't want to leave, you have to wave your hand and say go away, for your betterment, go away, before they will fondly go away ....... , if it's a fish, they will flood the waves and express their gratitude.


    If you see someone catching a fish, turtle or bird, just recite "Namo Po Sheng Ruo Lai" (Namo is pronounced na ma) and the catcher will never get anything. This method is documented in the 20 volumes of The Night Vessel, a book compiled by the Ming Dynasty writer Zhang Dai.








    2、念忏悔偈: “往昔所造诸恶业,皆由无始贪瞋痴,从身语意之所生,皆向佛前求忏悔。”念三遍。

    3、然后又念三皈依:“皈依佛,皈依法,皈依僧。皈依佛不堕地狱,皈依法不堕饿鬼,皈依僧不堕畜生。” 念三遍。

     4、再念“南无阿弥陀佛”佛号(根据当时情况念多少声,南无的读音是na ma)。想象佛光照在你和动物上方,放掉。







    如果你看见有人捕鱼鳖飞禽之属,只要念“南无宝胜如来”, (南无的读音是na ma)捕者将终无所获。明代文学家张岱编撰的《夜航船》二十卷“方术部”记载了这一方法。

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