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    Zhuge Changqing: You must use clean water for feeding[0]
    Zhuge Changqing: Cherish time, please read "Today's Poetry" (picture)[0]
    Zhuge Changqing: Her husband doesn't want to go to work and is depressed. How can she repent an[0]
    Zhuge Changqing: Can I eat (drink) the food and water enshrined in front of the photos of the deceas[1]
    The question of the release ritual: Can we do the release ritual at home (picture)[0]
    Melancholia treatment method: How do children get melancholia? (Figure)[0]
    Questions about feeding beyond the limit: ask to solve problems, etc. (picture)[0]
    Sun Tzu's Art of War: The strength of your team depends on seven criteria! (Figure)[0]
    Zhuge Changqing said that practice: what is the practice of the "Eightfold Path" (picture)[0]
    Take care of your heart at all times (picture)[0]
    Confucianists hold highly of human nature at the beginning; Legalists believed that human nature was[0]
    Is Mencius's "born in distress" a eulogy of suffering? (Figure)[0]
    Comprehension Sutra: Classic of Practice and Wisdom (Picture)[0]
    Practice Q&A: Is it a sin to make mistakes carelessly (picture)[0]
    As a inheritor of national culture, how much do you know about national culture? (Figure)[0]
    What is the five aggregates? (Figure)[0]
    Zhuge Changqing: In Journey to the West, what are the symbols and implications of the appearance of [0]
    Zhuge Changqing: We need to improve our literary and military strategies![0]
    Confucius said that filial piety and virtue: those who are filial and virtuous must have good fortun[0]
    Q: Can I recite Buddha's name in the car to work and in the company? (Figure)[0]
    Zhuge Changqing: Continuous improvement is bound to make a leap[4]
    Zhuge Changqing: "Six Harmonies and Three Harmonies of Local Branches" of Traditional Chin[4]
    Zhuge Changqing: She continued to give food and do good deeds, and the cat took advantage of the hea[1]
    Zhuge Changqing's Motto 1[1]
    Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism Say Destiny: Eight Characters Affecting Destiny[10]
    To revitalize China and benefit the world Zhuge Changqing: Why should mankind often read the books o[2]
    Zhuge Changqing Motto 2 (Success)[1]
    How to view "Chinese people should not celebrate the Western Festival"?[1]
    Zhuge Changqing: "Positive" Medicine for Virus Infection and Way of Chanting Buddha[7]
    Zhuge Changqing: Etiquette and precautions for ancestor worship during the Qingming Festival during[4]
    Zhuge Changqing suggested that the New Year is coming! Every family must set off firecrackers![3]
    The simplest five elements in the diagram[33]
    Zhuge Changqing: Good deeds and good deeds must be protected by the Buddha[9]
    Zhuge Changqing: It's the devil who takes the exam when a practitioner meets many challenges[14]
    Zhuge Changqing said that practice should be guided by precepts without deviation[3]
    Zhuge Changqing: Emperor Kangxi strictly educated his children[0]
    Cultivation question: How to persuade the fox fairy to follow him?[24]
    Traditional Chinese culture has a strong practical role[6]
    Zhuge Changqing: According to the Shurangama Sutra, you can't become a Buddha unless you get ri[17]
    Keep calm and steady[13]
    Q: Is it better to supply lamps or release animals? Which merit is great?[11]
    Zhuge Changqing: Keep the goal in mind[10]
    Zhuge Changqing: Lao Tzu said, "It is the only thing for a man to fight, so the world can'[6]
    Zhuge Changqing: What is the central idea of the Book of Changes?[7]
    Zhuge Changqing: How to implement "inaction" in life?[6]
    Zhuge Changqing: How did Wu Chengen write Journey to the West[5]
    Zhuge Changqing: Laozi's Tao Te Ching is everlasting and selfless[5]
    Zhuge Changqing: Sanxingdui Culture is an Important Carrier of Chinese Traditional Culture[5]
    Zhuge Changqing: Great Chinese Culture, Sinology, Traditional Culture Protects China and Benefits th[5]
    Zhuge Changqing: Gu Ailing's winning the championship embodies all the virtues of Chinese peopl[3]
    Zhuge Changqing: Confucius is a great teacher[10]
    Zhuge Changqing: Learning is like taking an elevator[7]

Random reading of articles
Feeding: some photos of feeding in Jinmen, Taiwan
The legendary woman of Sui and Tang Dynasties: Yuan Ziyan, who is proficient in Taoism
What is a rich man? Donate to the public welfare to be rich
What is wealth? Where does wealth come from?
What should new employees be trained before going to work?
Food Giving Quiz: Meditating on the Mouth in the Ritual
Release Induction Saga #4: How to find a more satisfying job
How do charismatic leaders impress their subordinates?
Vegetarian Q&A: Do people with anemia and calcium deficiency also need to be vegetarian?
My Dream: Interpretation of Obama's Way to Success
Eight expressions of leadership charm
A string of witticisms at the Summer Davos Annual Conference
Release is an excellent way to accumulate virtue and create good fortune
Seven experiences that shocked Peter Drucker's life
Macao Chief Executive: Legend of Ho Houhua
Zhuge Changqing: The three most important things to educate your children
First-time release: Please take a look at these Buddhist release knowledge carefully
Be filial to others' children, and those who are unfilial will be guilty
The 20 world champions of vegetarianism proved that vegetarianism does not lack nutrition
How to market the "young people" after the 1980s
Motivation for success: cherish time and take immediate action (figure)
Buddhist release: How did the release of 100 million lives complete?
Demystifying the American Think Tank Group
Duan Yongping "Buy" Buffett Can bring five benefits
Feeding induction: feeding has found a job and has become a positive person (picture)
Jet Li Charity Fund allocated 950000 yuan to help the snow disaster
Ye Maojing, the son of Ye Lipei, the "real estate king of Shanghai", is in full charge
One of the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns: wealth and longevity
Buddhist saying: Be careful not to look at women and share words
Secret method to stop fishing: Nianbaosheng Tathagata has a magical effect on stopping fishing!
Success=struggling+doing good
The 18 most taboo actions of computer
Confucianism: What is benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust?
Inspirational Motto for Success: Why are great men great?
Zhuge Changqing's Traditional Culture Research Achievements
Enterprise training: learn and cultivate talents from West Point Military Academy (picture)
The magic lotus master heart mantra: Humahong Banza Gulu Beima Sedhong
Release for healing: How to live a longer and healthier life?
Praise Mu Guiying
The Story of Changing Fate: The God of Zao Guiding Him to Change His Fate
The Treasure of Wisdom: Interpretation of the General Preface of Zhuge Liang's Art of War
Who will be the President of the United States in 2009?
Letting go: Why not kill animals and eat meat (picture)
Successful example: three principles of Liu Bang's employment
Feeding Q&A: How to dress and feed when it is too hot? (Figure)
The question of learning and chanting Buddha: How to chant Buddha effectively?
The Art of Leadership: The Employing Strategy of Emperor Kangxi
Lantern Ancient Buddha: Why is it called Lantern Ancient Buddha?
Inheritance of Taoist culture: Gui Gu Zi, an ancient book
Inside story of good and bad fate: good and evil cause and effect lead to different destinies (figur


Health-keeping culture of doctorsRandom reading of articles

      Zhuge Changqing: Three years of good deeds will bring good fortune!

      Zhuge Changqing: The I Ching: The Gentleman Hides His Weapons and Waits for the Time to Move

      Zhuge Changqing: How the sages say to have a good destiny and how to change it

      Zhuge Changqing: What does his dream about the plane portend?

      The Sutra of the Three Worlds of Cause and Effect, a treasured book for changing destiny

      How to have good feng shui and a good face? It is most important to do good deeds and accumulate vir

      Zhuge Changqing: Ancient sages had great wisdom to promote

      Old Venerable Chang Zhen explains fortune telling, face reading, feng shui, ghosts and spirits

      Zhuge Changqing: The Wisdom of the Sages in Eating

      The Book of Changes reminds: How do people abide by the laws of heaven, earth and man?

      Cultivation question: How to persuade the fox fairy to follow him?

      The secret recipe for changing your fate: To have a good destiny, buy something and put it in your l

      The Meaning of the Eight Diagrams in the Book of Changes: What is the Basic Connotation of the Eight

      Zhuge Changqing: Five Elements of Success

      Zhuge Changqing: Learning is like taking an elevator

      Zhuge Changqing: Confucius is a great teacher

      Zhuge Changqing: How to make your children obedient and have good luck?

      Doing good deeds: the secret passage to having good feng shui

      Powerful Confucianism: How to rule the world by playing the piano

      How to change your destiny: good heart, good destiny, wealth and prosperity until old age

      Zhuge Changqing: The "Three Laws" of Changing Destiny through Traditional Chinese Culture

      The Sutra of the Three Worlds of Cause and Effect, a treasured book for changing destiny

      Zhuge Changqing: Five competencies for managers


Feeding cultureRandom reading of articles

      Guanyin Bodhisattva's Induction:Guanyin Bodhisattva's Induction Deeds

      Be compassionate and build up your virtue

      Four girls later, a son was eventually born

      Giving food to the senses: giving food to dream of weddings, sunshine and phoenixes

      Miraculous photos of food distribution and transcendentalism: capture of the seven-coloured lotus li

      Zhuge Changqing: Red lotus flower photographed after giving food

      The compassionate hearts of the Li Ka Shing couple

      The release ritual: the complete version of the release ritual

      Doing good deeds makes your child smarter and less sick

      Zhuge Changqing: The Book of Rites "It is not a courtesy to come and go, but to come and not to

      Giving food for transcendence: Giving food to be blessed by Buddha and Bodhisattva's good deity

      How do we measure the effect of doing good deeds and planting "good causes"?

      Why you should help people

      Photo of the lotus flower offering: Shakyamuni Buddha, King Earth Store Bodhisattva and Goddess of M

      Miraculous photos of the food and supernatural rituals: countless beings flying to the heavenly real

      Don't kill animals

      Release and eat vegetarianism for a long life

      Long-term good deeds will be rewarded

      Giving of food to the gods: The Bodhisattva released lotus flowers to bless the food giving

      Shake hands to cure all diseases

      Brother does good deed, escapes disaster three times

      What is a Buddhist "return"?

      Giving photos: Amitabha Buddha and Avalokiteshvara red lotus flower photographed













Heart meridian



induced abortion



feed the poor

Incantations of the Great Mercy

To chant Buddhas diligently

Shakya Muni

guanyin bodhisattva

Earth Store Bodhisattva

Universal Bodhisattva




commit suicide




Herbalist Buddha

elysian fields


Guanyin Heart Mantra

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Maitreya Bodhisattva


Cause and effect




one who surmounts all obstacles

future life

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Cause and effect


Pure Land Method

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Give alms


Aiding the mind

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Abstain from evil lewdness

Accumulate virtue and change life

Abstain from killing and release

Filial piety to parents


observe the commandments






Zhunti mantra

Children's education

Amitabha Sutra

Cundhi bodhisattva

Infinite Life Sutra

Cause and effect




put down

sit in meditation


God of wealth

Buddhist relics


Buddhist disciple

Herbalist Buddha

The three saints of the West

Shanxi Courtyard


Open light

get angry



To become a monk


Dizang Qi

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Extramarital love


traditional culture


Follow fate






future life

Vajra Sutra


Learn from disciple rules

Phase from the heart

Liao Fan's Four Training

That is to say, with this merit and virtue, we should solemnly observe the Buddha's net ten. Report four blessings and save three hardships. Those who wish to see and hear,Know and send Bodhi Heart. To live in a state of bliss

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